Hi, I am Pooja,

Ever since I was a little girl, totally an Art & Nature lover, I have been drawing and painting whenever I got chance and admired by everyone for my creations. And why not? After all It's a gift that came from my father. And just like everyone else I lost the inspiration for towards my art skills while growing with other chores of life.

Now, while I'm enjoying my new life with my husband in Chicago, I constantly miss my family back home in India. While thinking and planning a career path in this new environment, I started working in a retail environment but I've been juggling to find myself in this new life, being restless.

A Pause; can I go back for a while and come back with what I really want to do?

I never had any formal education in Art. And, just like another blessing - my husband started inspiring me to getting into Art and I decided to start with Nail Art. Started loving it but getting into business was challenging and it was actually getting out of comfort zone.

"Cadira" which is a Sanskrit word has various meanings and one of it's meaning is an "Elephant" which is very close to my Heart. That is how it started with support of my husband and getting there slowly!

"Hand Painted & Hand Crafted" is my motto. Starting here with my little work on Press on Nails and some of my favorite photographs I have captured strolling thru placed. Let's see how far this goes!

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A small Artistisctic attempt by an Enthusiastic Art Lover
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